We’re gonna cover the best diet for men. My name is dr. Anthony wall doozy. I’m the founder here at the fit father project, the leader in health and fitness for busy fathers and men over 40, and in this post, we’re gonna cover all the best foods.

You should be eating the proper meal timing and how to make this healthy eating, stuff, simple and sustainable. For you, your busy schedule, and your family. We’re gonna cover. All of that in this post I know you’re gonna learn a ton.

Let’s, dive on into the fit father project, calm, alright. So before we start looking at the foods themselves, I want to talk a little bit about the big picture principles of what makes the best diet for men, first and foremost outside of all the complicated details that we could get into.

The Best Diet Has To Be One That You Can Actually Stick To

There are so many weight-loss diets out there that are just way too restrictive. The whole never eats a carb, again plan or the kind of plan where you have to eat every two hours.

On the dot and pack 15 meals, when you’re going to work every day is often is we want to try to do these really restrictive, complicated plans because we think they’re gonna work better. Ultimately, that’s gonna lead to failure, because if we can’t sustain the diet, it’s, not an option for us.

We’ll fall off track, so instead, we need to think about simplicity and sustainability from the get-go, so the best diet, and the one we’re gonna cover here with some of these simple foods, is something that’s gonna be easy for you without a lot of cooking without a lot of prep, something that you and your family can start using today, So that’s the first factor.

The Second Thing It has To Be Affordable

I don’t want you to have to go, but like $ 300 superfoods, and get all these weird ingredients all over the place that are hard and complicated to get.

We’re talking about good, unprocessed everyday foods. You can get it at your local grocery store that is easy, delicious, and simple, and there are no crazy ingredients involved that’s the next principle – and the third one I would add, is that is properly portioned, that it keeps you full, but it still has the right number of calories for you to reach your goals, whether you’re at a point right now in life, where You want to lose some fat, get rid of the belly fat and really tone up, or if you want to build more muscle, we need to make sure that you’re eating the proper number calories, because as much as the matter of the right food, calories Matter too, so we need to factor that into the diet so to dive straight into it.

The way I like to teach the best diet concept, two men is that there are three main categories of macronutrients and macronutrients are our proteins, carbs, and fats, and when assembling the perfect diet, we also need to look at the kind of foods we’re eating in Each of these categories and the first tip I give guys who are coming and they want to start eating healthier – is we need to pick your go-to foods in each of those categories? Your go-to proteins, carbs, and fats, and I’ve laid some of my favorite go-to foods out here on the table to give you some ideas, for example, to start with proteins.

What are your favorite proteins? What are some healthy proteins that you can base your meals around, so for me, wild salmon is something that I love. So I get these cans of wild salmon and this is incredibly convenient because I don’t need to cook it.

And if I’m on the go, I can just take this wild salmon and, as you’re gonna see, combine it with some of these healthy carbs and the vegetables and healthy fats, and they have an easy meal. So wild salmon – here I have some grass-fed steak.

I actually have some pork here. I have some sardines and I have some pasture-raised eggs. So these are some of my favorite foods. It doesn’t matter. What yours are. I just want you to start to think, and maybe even if you’re watching this video, I challenge you to get a list outright.

What your favorite proteins are get those down and get at least three of them. Then we’re gonna identify your favorite healthy carbs. Now your healthy carbs are something that you can actually include in your diet and you do not have to cut out all carbs if your goal is to live healthier and lose weight.

You just have to eat the right kinds of carbs in the right portions and that’s. What we help guys do here at the food follows the project. In fact, our program members. We have guys that eat bread every single day and still lose up to a hundred pounds.

These are somewhere heavier guys that really need to lose a lot of weight. But the point of me sharing with you is. This is because carbs can be a part of your meal plan and in fact, it’s a better way because it means your diet plan is not restrictive.

So for me, I have some sprouted brown rice. This is a great carb that I put in my rice cooker and I have this around and ready to go. I have some Ezekiel bread, which is a really good, sprouted bread.

This is a lot better than your run-of-the-mill whole-wheat bread and I have some sweet potatoes. These are something that I can throw a couple of these in the oven and I have it ready to go throughout the week now I hope you’re starting to see why we’re, covering things this way, because when we know we’re, go-to proteins are, and we’ve cooked them in bulk.

So, for example, let’s say we cook some chicken breasts in the oven. We put the sweets in the oven and we did some brown rice. We’re, starting to assemble the pieces of the perfect diet and we’re talking about foods right now.

We’re, also going to get into meal timing and combinations in just a second. But again, this is just to get your gear. Turning on what’s, gonna work best for you, so what are your healthy, go-to carbs? Are they things like berries yams and sweet potatoes? The Rice, the bread whole-wheat pastas, like things like that start to think about that? Next, we need to pick our healthy fats.

Fats are important and fats are incredibly beneficial for increasing your energy, decreasing inflammation, and helping you feel full. So for me, my favorite healthy fats are avocados. This is a great thing you can combine with any of these proteins and carbs and they’re.

Fantastic as well as your healthy oils, things like olive oil or a very special oil here called MCT oil, and this is a fantastic oil for burning fat. You can add this to your meals. It will help with weight loss.

So this is a great oil and some of the naturally occurring fats and things like this grass-fed steak here, so it has some good natural fats is a high-quality steak. So this is some good fat in here.

So these are some of the healthy fats and we can essentially start to combine these into meals. I could have a steak with a sweet potato with a little bit of avocado. That would be a great meal, or I could do some brown rice with some chicken with a little bit of olive oil, dressed on some side of mixed greens.

So my point here is the first key point we’re talking about food – is that we need to get you to start to build what we call perfect plates, where around half of your plate is filled with any kind of veggie.

You love. So, in this case, some salad mix is incredibly convenient. Just take a handful and put it on the plate, some good salad or, if you like, other green veggies, like some broccoli asparagus, you know cauliflower not being green, but another great veggie.

Half of your plate make veggies 1/4 of it, take one of those go-to proteins, put it on and 1/4 of it put some of those healthy carbs on there, and then the fats work their way in through the olive oil that you might put On the veggies or some of the natural fats and the meat perfect plates are huge, because when you have perfect plates, then you can space those throughout the day, roughly every four hours.

So you might have a perfect plate for breakfast at around 8:00 and then you might have another perfect plate for lunch around noon and you’ll. Have maybe a snack at 3 p.m. and dinner around 7:00 8:00 p.

m. so we’re roughly having these meals spaced out every three to four hours, which is optimal for keeping your blood sugar, stable hunger levels down, and keeping your metabolism. You know in a good, healthy range, where you’re, not overeating by having six small meals throughout the day, but you’re, not starving yourself either.

So that’s, a really good starting rule of thumb for most people that I recommend is getting these go-to foods identified and then setting a meal timing in stone. Now, if you’re just getting started with us, your first time here at the Fed Fowler project, the best thing you can do right now is to download our free one-day meal plan that lays all this out throughout the day with exact recipes And it’s, gonna be even deeper dive from what we’re going here.

That’s. I recommend you start so there are, links below this video on how you can get started on that. So definitely check that out either now or after this video. So now that we’ve kind of identified, some of our go-to foods and some of the meal timing, we need to talk about constructing this into an overall plan that you can have throughout the week.

So the first thing we want to do is we want to buy some of these go-to foods in bulk, so you’re prepared and you know what to do throughout the week. So you don’t have to think about this stuff, because when I bought my go-to proteins, carbs, and fats, they’re prepped.

They’re in the kitchen. They’re in the fridge I don’t have to think about healthy eating anymore. I kind of decided on Sunday and then the meal prep is done, so it makes it a lot easier to stick to a healthy diet.

Now the next thing is, we also want to give ourselves a proactive free meal every single week or as people like to say a cheat day. But I don’t like to lose that language, because the cheat day makes it sound like you &.

Doing something bad when in fact is really a good part of any best diet for men is that we have built-in times where you’re gonna be able to enjoy some foods you like so for me, it’s either Friday, night, or Saturday night.

I know I have one meal every single week where I can have whatever the hell I want. If I want pizza, I want a burger. I want a ton of sushi whatever it is. I can have that and then the rest of the day.

The week a week I should say, stays more regimented, so it’s another key principle. We want to build these free meals into the diet, and the next thing is we want to stay incredibly hydrated, so I have a mason jar here and I like to fill this up at least one and a half of these every single day.

Ideally, this is around 64 ounces. I fill it up with some high-quality, filtered water. I’ll put some lemon in there or a little pinch of sea salt and I drink this throughout the day. This is gonna help.

You keep yourself energized, nice and full in this, coupled with these foods, it’s. Gonna give you a great starting point for the best diet for men, so to kind sum up, without making this a huge video, we cover a lot of the stuff in that free one day.

The meal plan that I recommend you get is that the best diet is the one that’s, simple and sustainable, the one that helps you control. Your calories are like how we’ve talked about with the proper. You know meal timing, spaced shop, roughly every four hours of the right kinds of foods and helps you to enjoy your life without feeling restricted and has high-quality foods.

Just like these in your diet – and it has a preparation ritual in there. So you don’t have to really spend a ton of time trying to figure out what to eat every single day. You made that decision ahead of time and again, if this is your first time here at the fit father project, I am so happy to have you here.

I highly recommend you get that free one-day meal plan to join our email list because, for every guy that joins and gets a free one-day meal plan, we give you a three-day eCourse when we cover all the fundamentals and nutrition with the proper recipes.

All the videos and all the stuff you need to know to get the start and healthy eating. In fact, a lot of our guys who just go through a free eCourse, lose five to ten pounds just from using and implementing our tips.

So I know you’re, really gonna find that useful, so check that out and also scroll below, and you can check out the full article associated with this video. It’s. Gonna give you a lot of extra tips thanks for being here, my friend we’re, the fit father project, the health experts for busy fathers in men over 40, and I’m glad